'blackb0x' is a new jailbreak tool for older apple tv models


Apple TV is a lot more different than any existing setup. Whether it is listening to lớn music or watching your favorite movies through i
Pad, i
Phone, và Air
Play, táo apple TV does it all. You can even browse different apps or games through the táo bị cắn dở TV’s tiện ích Store. However, it requires a 4th generation táo apple TV. So, in short, it is a full package that one cannot deny. However, you can only have fun under limitations. & that’s why jailbreaking táo apple TV is much needed.

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Once you jailbreak the software, you can enjoy all the three-party apps, services, & systems on your táo apple TV itself. & this is something that makes it interesting for i
OS users. So, are you looking for a way to jailbreak táo bị cắn TV? If yes, this article can help you with it.


What is Jailbreak?

Jailbreaking is a process that enables you lớn install unofficial apps on your device. Táo bị cắn dở users mostly use this process lớn remove all the software restrictions táo bị cắn applies to its devices. Therefore, once you jailbreak your táo TV, you will be able to install all the third-party files and services.

However, you should know that jailbreaking is a violation as per Apple and strictly cautions its users against it.

What táo TV Models Can I Jailbreak?

It is always possible khổng lồ jailbreak almost any táo bị cắn dở TV. To date, táo khuyết has launched five generations of táo bị cắn TV. However, it is quite tough khổng lồ jailbreak newer models.


The táo bị cắn dở TV 2 is fairly easy khổng lồ jailbreak compared khổng lồ other models, while you cannot jailbreak táo TV 3 model. However, you will find several websites claiming to jailbreak these models in exchange for money.

What happens is you thảm bại your money, & they can’t even jailbreak your device. So, beware of such scams! No matter what they say và how genuine they may seem, there is still no jailbreak tool for táo bị cắn TV 3.

How to lớn Jailbreak táo bị cắn TV?

You can use Seas0n
Pass to lớn jailbreak the second-generation hãng apple TV running on i
OS Firmware 5.3. It is the most reliable method khổng lồ use and is available on the Firecore website. To know how it works, you need to follow some steps. So, let’s take a look at these steps in detail.

Go to Downloads & unzip the file and store it in the Applications Folder.


Open Sea0n
Pass & click on Create IPSW. It will start the jailbreak process.

Now, when indicated, get the táo apple TV remote và press the menu button & Play/Pause button.Connect the PC/Mac to táo khuyết TV with the USB Micro cable.


The latest software for táo khuyết TV will be downloaded by creating custom ‘Jailbroken’ files.


Once done, the See0n
Pass will restore automatically.


When you complete the installation process, the FC icon will become visible on the trang chủ screen of apple TV. & this icon will temporarily take the place of the Settings icon.


And now, as you can see, the táo apple TV is totally xuất hiện to all third-party apps & games. However, the above method does not tư vấn some of the devices, so we will need to download and install a tethered boot. Lớn learn more about it, let’s move to lớn the next section.

How to Install Seas0n
Pass As ‘Tethered boot’?

Several software versions need a tethered boot to install Seas0n
Pass. However, it is not the most convenient method as you need to lớn connect your PC to hãng apple TV every time khổng lồ start up. Also, note that you have to lớn disconnect táo bị cắn dở TV for some time after installing a tethered boot.

Launch See0Pass và choose the boot tethered option from the screen.

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When asked, connect the PC to lớn your táo khuyết TV. Now connect the nguồn cable. Once done, hold the MENU & PLAY/PAUSE for 7 seconds.


Next, wait for a while until the tethered boot will get automatically completed. Now, remove the USB cable & connect it with the HDMI cable.


The key is khổng lồ connect the HDMI cable before the táo khuyết TV light stops flashing. & don’t worry, you will get ample time to vì so.

How lớn Use táo khuyết TV After Jailbreak?

So, are you thinking about what to bởi vì after jailbreaking táo khuyết TV? Well, the first thing you can vày is install the TV Flash on your device. Once done, restart your device. Now, go to lớn the Manage Extras tab, where you can download and install whichever apps you want. It is the ultimate media center that you need. The software prices are around $29.99.


All you need to vị is install the software on your device và then take advantage of web browsing, multi-media format, và the ability to install different apps. You can also enjoy weather widgets, newsfeeds, and other necessary tools, along with the táo features available.

Final Words

Jailbreaking the táo khuyết TV is not always a good idea. You can encounter security issues. Besides, if you own a new model of apple TV, then all the features that you get from jailbreaking are available on tv
OS apps. However, if you are using a second-generation apple TV, then this blog post can help you. Also, there might be other tools as well to jailbreak táo bị cắn TV; however, we’d suggest you opt for genuine tools & don’t fall into the trap.

Apple TV is one of the best truyền thông streaming devices available today. It supports streaming content in HDR and 4K quality. You can enjoy pretty much all popular apps, like Hulu, Peacock TV, Netflix, You
Tube, etc., on táo TV. If you want to địa chỉ cửa hàng more apps to táo khuyết TV, you need to sideload them. In other words, you need khổng lồ Jailbreak táo khuyết TV to địa chỉ cửa hàng apps unavailable in the App Store. Once you jailbreak your tv
OS device, you can access the services and apps that aren’t supported by Apple. You can easily jailbreak táo apple TV using Firecore Seas
Pass, or Cydia Impactor.

Disclaimer: Jailbreaking an táo bị cắn dở TV device is against Apple’s terms of service, and it will void your warranty. Hence, think twice before jailbreaking your táo bị cắn TV device.

Table of Contents


What is Jailbreaking?

Jailbreak is the method where apple TV’s operating system, tv
OS, is converted into a system that lets you access the applications that táo restricts. Simply defined, it removes software restrictions on your device và lets you install any third-party applications, like Kodi truyền thông Player.


How to Jailbreak táo bị cắn TV 2nd Generation using Firecore Seas

The táo bị cắn TV 2nd Generation is very easy to lớn Jailbreak using Firecore Seas


#1: First of all, tải về and install Firecore Seas
on your Windows or Mac.

#2: Connect your hãng apple TV khổng lồ the Windows/Mac PC using a USB Micro cable.

#3: Launch the Seas
Pass app và select Create IPSW.

#4: You’ll be prompted khổng lồ press the MenuPlay/Pause buttons on the táo apple TV remote.

#5: After pressing those buttons, your táo apple TV 2nd Generation will be jailbroken automatically within a few minutes.

#6: Click Done when the jailbreaking process is complete.

#7: Remove your hãng apple TV from the Windows/Mac PC và connect it lớn your TV using an HDMI cable.

#8: While táo khuyết TV boots up, you can see the Fire
Core logo sản phẩm on the screen.

#9: That’s it. Your táo bị cắn TV 2nd Generation is now running on Jailbroken software, & you can install third-party apps lượt thích Kodi on táo bị cắn TV.

How to lớn Jailbreak táo bị cắn TV 3rd Generation

Currently, there is no way to jailbreak your apple TV 3rd generation. You can’t sideload apps on táo khuyết TV third generation as there are no third-party tools available online. If you are táo khuyết TV 3rd generation user, you can’t jailbreak your streaming device.

How to lớn Jailbreak táo khuyết TV 4th Generation và 4K using Cydia Impactor

#1: tải về Cydia Impactor and liber
TV jailbreak file
on your Windows/Mac PC.

#2: Connect your apple TV to lớn the Windows/Mac PC with the USB cable.

#3: Launch Cydia Impactor & drag the downloaded liber
TV jailbreak tệp tin onto it.

#4: Select Start to start the installation process.

#5: Enter your Apple ID và password.


#6: Cydia Impactor will install the liber
TV phầm mềm on the hãng apple TV within a few minutes.

#7: After the installation, disconnect the táo TV from Windows/Mac PC và then connect it to lớn your TV.

#8: Now launch the liber
app on apple TV.


#9: Select your jailbreak options và select Do it.


#10: The jailbreaking process will take a few minutes lớn complete.

#11: Upon completion, the “Success! Your TV has been liberated!” message will appear on the screen.

#12: That’s it. Restart your táo khuyết TV and start installing apps from third-party sources.

Why vì chưng You Need khổng lồ Use a VPN?

After jailbreaking the apple TV, users can install any ứng dụng at the expense of exposing themselves to online security risks. However, this problem can be dealt with by using a VPN. Make sure lớn use a VPN on táo bị cắn dở TV while using third-party apps. VPN can be configured on a router lớn protect the apple TV and other connected devices while offering true mạng internet freedom.

Benefits of Jailbreaking hãng apple TV

Here are some of the reasons that motivate users to jailbreak their apple TV:

To access the applications and features that táo bị cắn doesn’t support. To lớn play the media formats that táo khuyết doesn’t support. Lớn install the website browser on táo khuyết TVCustomize the user interface of hãng apple TV by adding themes, launchers, widgets, etc.

Disadvantages of Jailbreaking táo apple TV

The below listed are the reasons why you should not jailbreak the táo khuyết TV.

By jailbreaking, your táo bị cắn TV will become prone to lớn many threats lượt thích malware, spyware, or adware. There is a possibility that your device might not work after jailbreaking. Some third-party apps sideloaded on hãng apple TV can track or monitor the users’ data. Jailbreaking the táo khuyết TV voids the warranty, and you can no longer access the Apple support center.


1. Can you jailbreak táo bị cắn TV without a computer?

You can perform an untethered jailbreak by rebooting the táo bị cắn dở TV without a desktop/ laptop.

2. Can I put a VPN on my táo bị cắn TV?

Unfortunately, VPN is not natively available for hãng apple TV devices. However, to keep yourself protected from getting hacked, you can use a virtual router & enjoy your complete privacy.

3. What does jailbreaking an táo bị cắn TV do?

You can install apps that are not supported by táo apple TV và enjoy using them on your device. Also, you personalize your interface with the jailbroken táo bị cắn dở TV device.

4. Is it possible khổng lồ sideload apps on hãng apple TV 4K?

Yes, you can sideload apps on your táo apple TV 4K.

5. Can your reset 1st generation apple TV?

To reset your táo TV, go to lớn Settings >> System >> Reset. Then, choose the reset type and confirm.

6. Can táo bị cắn TV 3rd generation be jailbroken?

No. There is no way to lớn jailbreak the apple TV 3rd generation device.