Lee Seung Gi And Suzy And Lee Seung Gi Talk About Reuniting After 6 Years


Lee Seung Gi & Suzy have been a K-Drama couple on two occasions. Once for Gu Family Book, và again for Vagabond.

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Due khổng lồ being together on K-Dramas multiple times, the two have gotten plenty of chances khổng lồ get to know each other. During an interview, the two decided to share how they reacted when they found out they were going lớn be acting together again.

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Suzy decided khổng lồ answer for Lee Seung Gi, as she felt that she had a good idea of what Lee Seung Gi was thinking when she became a cast member on Vagabond. It turns out that Suzy guessed correctly.

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Lee Seung Gi also shares that he thought Suzy might have been a little too pretty khổng lồ portray her role.

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Everything ended up working out, as Suzy’s acting skills eliminated any worries Lee Seung Gi had.

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When it came lớn Suzy’s reaction khổng lồ Lee Seung Gi joining Vagabond, Lee Seung Gi had a more humorous answer, as he was worried that Suzy was getting tired of him.

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While Lee Seung Gi was joking about his statement, this couldn’t have been further from the truth, as Suzy was excited khổng lồ work with Lee Seung Gi again.

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The two made a lot of great memories on Gu Family Book, so they were excited they were given the chance lớn make even more memories together.

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In an entertainment market where limited series are the norm, it’s not unusual for two Korean drama stars khổng lồ have an encore by appearing in a subsequent series. That’s exactly what will happen this September when actor-singers Lee Seung Gi & Bae Suzy reunite in the spy drama Vagabond.

Outside of Korea the drama will be shown exclusively on Netflix, which continues to lớn expand its offering of Korean TV dramas—aka k-dramas—in the U.S.

Lee Seung Gi và Bae Suzy previously starred together in the 2013 fantasy series Gu Family Book. He played a half human, half supernatural creature known in Korean mythology as a gumiho. She played a martial arts instructor and female warrior. The supernatural love story received better than average ratings, but as Korean dramas are usually limited khổng lồ 16-hour episodes or 32 half-hour episodes, there was no second season. This particular drama had 24 hour-long episodes but the lãng mạn chemistry between the two actors was too successful not khổng lồ revive in a new drama.

More than dozen Korean drama couples have done an encore in a second, even a third series.

Recently Lee Dong Wook và Yoo In mãng cầu reunited in cảm biến Your Heart, after appearing together in the hit drama Goblin. Park Seo Joon và Hwang Jung Eum played brother và sister in Kill Me Heal Me but the screen siblings had so much chemistry they then co-starred as a couple in She Was Pretty. Park Shin Hye & Jung Yong Hwa never connected in You’re Beautiful but got lớn be a couple in Heartstrings. The award for most reunions might go to lớn Jang Hyuk and Jang na Ra, who were matched in The Successful Story of a Bright Girl, played a married couple in Fated khổng lồ Love You & then co-starred in a special production titled Old Goodbye. Jang Nara"s second lead in Fated khổng lồ Love You , Choi Jin Hyuk, co-starred with her recently in The Empress.

In their next drama together, Lee Seung Gi will play phụ vương Dal Geon, a stuntman who dreams of being an kích hoạt star và uncovers a corruption scandal, while Bae Suzy plays a secret agent, who has only chosen to be an agent because of the paycheck. Shin Sung Rok, last seen in The Empress, will join them as a National Intelligence Agency official.

Lee Seung Gi has starred in several successful dramas, including My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, You’re All Surrounded, A Korean Odyssey và King 2 Hearts. He first became famous as a singer, earning the title of The Ballad Prince. Bae Suzy, known professionally as Suzy, was originally a thành viên of the girl group Miss A. Her drama repertoire includes Dream High, Big và While You Were Sleeping. She also had a role in the film Architecture 101.

The pre-produced series will be partially filmed in Portugal & Morocco, following an evolving trend of filming major Korean dramas at least partially in foreign locations.

Yoo In Shik, Jang Young Chul and Jung Kyung Soon co-wrote the drama, which is produced by Celltrion Entertainment, a South Korean production và artist management company under the Celltrion Group. It’s the fourth collaboration by the writers, who previously teamed up for The History of A Salaryman, Giant & Incarnation of Money.


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